Valentine’s… jou lekke ding

OK, so this year in February there’s 2 important dates at Opstal - the 14th and 29th. For the 14th we’ve organised a great evening with the best wine & food on offer for you and your lovie. And on the 29th the Opstal staff will be having cake celebrating the 8th birthday of our Finance officer who’ve been working with us for 10 years…

The 29th will be a private party, but the 14th is open for all lovebirds out there. So make Opstal your romantic venue of choice. Our winemaker will present a wine tasting at sunset with the majestic Slanghoek mountains as a backdrop. Thereafter you can sit down and enjoy a fantastic 2 course A la Carte meal. All of this for R150 per person.

Sunset wine tasting with canapès + 2 course meal (for 2) = R300

Bottle of our Sparkling Wine = R50

Not disappointing your partner on Valentine’s = PRICELESS

Check out the delicious menu for the evening…


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