Harvest 2012 - Fini/Afgewerkt/Terminado

Friday the 13th of April was everything but unlucky for us at Opstal - on this day we finished Harvest 2012… a year which saw us taking in and processing the biggest crop yet at Opstal. Although the harvest season started a week later this year it was a great ripening season with mild conditions throughout harvest. We are grateful for: 1. Healthy grapes, 2. Minimal mechanical disruptions with the machine harvester and in the winery and 3. An amazing spirit among our picking team.

At the moment we are very pleased with the quality of the wines - fresh fruit aromas on the white and red wines and deep intense color on the reds is very positive. We will keep you all updated on new releases throughout the year as we’ve got some new and exciting wines coming out.

Here are some photos of the harvest season…


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