The Story of The Barber

My grandfather Attie Louw grew up on a sheep farm in the Karoo. In the early 1940’s he had to join the armed forces during the second World War, aged 19. When he returned he established himself in Worcester (100km from Cape Town) and opened up a barber shop where he worked for 7 years as a barber. He then married my grandmother, who inherited our farm from her father, Carl Everson. My granddad, Attie then went on to become a very successful farmer and winemaker under the guidance of his father-in-law Carl Everson. Today we are very grateful for the work and effort he put into our family farm and that he in fact lay down his clipper and scissors (which we still have in its original case) to work with grapes and make wine. The Barber wines serve as a tribute to this gentleman who did so much to ensure a future for his descendants on this beautiful farm.

Attie Louw
7th generation winemaker at Opstal Estate